The Candle Urn is an innovative statement piece.  Designed to look and feel like an expensive candle stand, not a cremation urn.

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Designing personal, discreet, uplifting candle urns that aim to bring peace, comfort and connection to families.

Helping to embrace a continuing bond with your loved one by unlocking your individual scent memories.


Opening The Chamber

Unlock the ash chamber with the silver pendant provided. The opening to the chamber is located under the navy velour insert.


Transferring The Ash

Place a paper or plastic funnel just inside the chamber and slowly add the ash. Occasionally moving the urn side to side to help even the distribution.


Locking The Chamber

Once the ash is inside the chamber add the metal seal and lock with the silver pendant provided. Make sure the ash is below the thread channel or the seal will not close flush.


Velour Insert

Slowly peel the backing off the navy velour insert and place inside the urn. Only take the backing off the insert if you wish to not re-open the urn.


The Candle

Add your favourite Scent Memories candle and light when ready. Candle care instructions will be provided to ensure you get the best burn time from your candle.


The Lid

Place the candle lid on the candle when not in use to help protect the life of your candle. Dust and debris can cause your candle to burn quicker!


The Candle Urn is designed to hold cremation ash but can also be used to hold smaller items for example a lock of hair or small pieces of jewellery.

The secret ash chamber is concealed at the base of the urn and is secured with a small decorative pendent, which can be worn on a necklace, bracelet or keyring.

This helps to create a connection to the urn when you leave the house.

A beautiful inscription of your loved ones name, special dates, message or even a picture can be engraved at no extra cost around the side of the urn in honour of your loved one.
Finally a glass candle from our bespoke SCENT collection sits just inside the urn which gives the illusion that it is cradled by a luxury deep candle dish.

The Candle Urn can also be used as a trinket box which can be a lovely option if you do not wish to use the candle all the time. 
By simply taking the candle off and placing the metal lid plate on top you can quickly create the trinket option.

FREE Fragrance Sample Cards

Our bespoke SCENT candle collection aim to transport you back in time to an occasion, a place or a special memorable moment using your very own scent memories.

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We like to think of The Candle Urn as a secret, a peaceful resting place for your loved one that only starts a conversation if you want it too! You can place the urn on your dining table next to your favourtite book as a centrepiece or on your kitchen side with your morning beverage, no one needs to know it's an urn. Create a personal connection and embrace your personal bond.



Re-use your empty candle vessels as a planter or vase. This is a great alternative for when you are between candles. Choosing flowers that are significant to your loved one can still create a continuing bond..... re-using and re-loving also helps with the environment.



The Candle Urn pendent secures the urns ash chamber and is designed to be worn on a bracelet, necklace or keyring to help embrace the continuing bond with your loved one.

Bespoke diamond pendents are also available from Heart In Diamond, for more information click below.



" Halloween was Mums favourite holiday....

Holidays without our loved ones can create extra waves of grief and painful flashbacks. However by creating a seasonal ambience in your home using matching fragrances can help to trigger your positive holiday SCENT MEMORIES and in turn help with your mental health. We have room fragraces and diffusers to help give everyroom that extra personal touch especially during those special and sometimes very hard seasons.



The Candle Urn itself can be used to hold small personal items that you hold dear to your heart, for example, locks of hair, fingerprints, small pieces of jewellery, notes and even messages. This option is a great alternative if the ash is unavailable.


We are proud to confirm that all our fragrances have been tested and approved by the IFRA, The International Fragrance Association.



Waterlily & Jasmine Fragrance Collection

Waterlily & Jasmine Fragrance Collection

From £9.95

Tulip & Jasmine Fragrance Collection

Tulip & Jasmine Fragrance Collection

From £9.95

Peony & Wisteria Fragrance Collection

Peony & Wisteria Fragrance Collection

From £9.95

Honeysuckle & Jasmine Fragrance Collection

Honeysuckle & Jasmine Fragrance Collection

From £9.95

Fresh Linen Fragrance Collection

Fresh Linen Fragrance Collection

From £9.95

Huggable Fragrance Collection

Huggable Fragrance Collection

From £9.95

Alienate Fragrance Collection

Alienate Fragrance Collection

From £9.95

Black Pomegranate Fragrance Collection

Black Pomegranate Fragrance Collection

From £9.95

Lemongrass & Verbena Fragrance Collection

Lemongrass & Verbena Fragrance Collection

From £9.95

Millionaire Fragrance Collection

Millionaire Fragrance Collection

From £9.95


Step 1


Choose the size of the keepsake urn that is required from the drop down menu

Step 2


Confirm the personalisation you would like, (name, message/quote, dates and picture)

Step 3

Candle Fragrance

Select the fragrace you desire, there are currently 24 available.

Step 4


Once you are happy with your selection you will be taken to the secured payment gateway. Our designer will then contact you to go through the font and style before engraving the urn


To ensure your candle delivers the best scent memory experience please follow the candle care and safety instructions provided.


The size of the wax pool on the first burn sets the memory for the lifetime of your candle. Make sure you allow a burn time of 3 - 4 hours for the first lighting and 2 - 3 hours thereafter. This will ensure that your wax pool is even and has reached the edge of the glass jar.


You may experience “tunnelling” if you extinguish your candle before a complete wax pool has been formed, and you could be left with a perimeter of unburned wax.


Before lighting, always ensure your candle wick is trimmed.To "avoid clubbing" make sure your wick is approximately 5mm and centred. This will prevent the candle from smoking and will ensure even burning and a better scent diffusion.


Candles burn best in still air and away from draughts.Always burn your candle in a well ventilated room but away from draughts as this can cause your candle to smoke or burn unevenly.


Keep the wax pool clear of wick trimmings, debris and dust.Debris in the wax pool can act as a secondary wick, encouraging your candle to burn faster and shortening the life of your candle.


Make sure you stop using your candle when 10mm of wax remains.Always use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame. Blowing out your candle can cause a wax splatter and the wick may continue to glow and emit smoke.


Always burn your candle on a level surface.If you place your candle on an uneven surface your candle may burn unevenly and the wick may move away from the centre. This could potentially cause damage to the glass jar itself.


Remove all packaging before lighting.

Do not burn if glass is cracked or damaged.

Never leave a burning candle unattended & never move a burning candle

Burn candle out of the reach of children & pets

Do not burn candles on anything or near anything that can catch fire.

Do not place your candle on or near a source of heat

Always place on a level heat resistant surface, away from flammable materials

Always leave at least 15cm between burning candles

Keep wicks trimmed to 5mm (and evenly spaced) at all times to avoid smoking.

Never allow the flame to touch the side of the glass

Extinguish the flame if it flickers, smokes or the flame gets too high

Stop use when 10mm of wax remains

We have put together 2 quick simple ways below to work out the cubic inches of the cremated ash. All you need to decide is if you are going to Measure or Weigh the ash.

" If at any stage you need help or feeling overwhelmed whilst facing this next step please do feel free to call us! 


How To Measure The Cremated Ashes And Find The Cubic Inch Volume

Using the temporary urn box that you would have been given by the funeral directors, measure the height, width, and depth (in inches) of the ashes as they rest inside the temporary urn box within their sealed bag. Multiply those numbers together and the result will be the total volume in cubic inches.

For example, if the inside of the box measures 8" by 6", and the remains fill the box up to a height of 3.75", then you would have 180 cubic inches. (8 x 6 x 3.75 = 180)

Converting Pounds into Cubic Inches

If however you already know the weight of the ash in pounds you can use the below equation to identify the Cubic inch.

1lb body weight = 1 cubic inch urn volume

The Candle Urn - Medium = 10 cubic inch apx

The Candle Urn - Large     = 23 cubic inch apx

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We only use UPS for our products because we feel that this service is the best! For UK orders the delivery is the next day and for international 2-3 days.


We would be as devastated as you if your item was delivered damage. We take every precaution possible so this does not happen but in the unlikely event it does then we promise to do everything in our power to have this corrected as fast as possible. 

To make a damage claim we would require you to follow the below instructions.

1) Call us!! 01243 967544, we don't want you to wait for your replacement so the quicker we know about it the faster we can act.

2) You will be asked to email us on with photos of the damaged item and also the packaging. 

Most parcel damages happen during transport, we use UPS to minimise the risk.

however accidents do happen. By taking photos of the damaged parcel packaging you help us to claim back the costs from UPS. We aim to send any replacements out within 72 hours of the claim.  

Returning Of Non-Personalised Items

We hope you love our products as much as we do but If you wish to return any non personalised products you must inform us in writing (letter or email) within 14 days beginning on the day after delivery of the products. The date of delivery will be recorded on the original UPS shipping label. Once we have your request for a return our customer services will email you to confirm an authorisation number. Products without a return authorisation number will not be accepted.

Please ensure all goods are returned with their original packaging, complete with all other associated components sent with them. Your item can be sent back to us by your own method of transportation at your own cost but we strongly suggest using a trackable service complete with relevant paperwork and taxes paid, if sending from outside of the United KIngdom. Any items that are lost, held in customs or damaged in transport cannot be refunded.

Your refund will be made within 14 days once the items have been received.

Returning Of Personalised Items

Unfortunately personalised items cannot be returned unless they have arrived faulty or incorrectly engraved. Please triple check spelling and grammar before placing your order.

That being said, mistakes are easily made especially in times of grief, so if you have made a mistake we will try our best to resolve it for you. There may be an extra charge for this service.

If this is the case then please call us on 01243 967544 or email us on and we will see what we can do.