Glass - “Don’t just embrace your Scent Memories embrace your Present Memories”

“Don’t just embrace your Scent Memories embrace your Present Memories”

Now let me tell you about my nose. My nose and I have had issues for the best part of 30 years. Why? Over the years my nose has been called many names, fat, big, flat. Heck my sister called me Smell! Though to be honest I think that was from my bottom when I was a baby, let’s not go into details.  Little did I know that that fat flat nose was going to start a new chapter and would be the gate way to helping me pull scent memories out of a tiny magical room and transport them it into your homes.

Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t damaged by the name calling, it just made me more aware when I took photos. In fact, I was always quite impressed with how my nose functioned.  If there was a bad smell in the house, I was the one to sniff it out. Which became especially useful with small children and teenagers about.  However, this also made it rather difficult when I first moved from London to a farm in West Sussex and fell pregnant. The smell of manure mixed with grass and God knows what else was not making my first trimester any easier.  

On the plus side it also made me experience smells others may not have picked up on. One that springs to mind is the church that was across the way from our house, the church gardens was always well kept so the grass was always mowed. On dew mornings you could smell, well I could, the damp cut grass, the earthy moss on the ancient gravestones, the sweet lavender that had edged the muddy gravel path and the jasmine that grew against the stone flint wall. The scent was calming, peaceful all most captivating. It was as if nature had created the right scent for that courtyard just for the many grieving familes that would unfortuantly pass through. Magical.

Why am I telling you this? What chapter started in my life and where did my nose take me?

Well, It took me down the most amazing path (mythically speaking) and lead me straight to a converted barn, which was indeed a candle maker. Through the large glass front doors, a few twists and turns I was faced with the utopia of all fragrances, The Fragrance Room.

Captivated and excited in the moment the awaited door opened. Like a magical potion lab, think Harry potter was lit up by day light pouring in from its large windows. The walls were lined with tiny glass bottles that sparkled in the sun’s rays.  Each glass stopper just waiting to reveal its power to me. Patiently waiting to awaken distant memories that I had long forgotten. 

I could have stayed there for hours but the truth be told after a while you go nose blind, yep, it’s a thing.  That being said the present memories I was making, smelling, were equally as exciting as the past ones I had remembered. That then got me thinking that The Candle Urn was not just going to enable families to connect with past scent memories but also the opportunity for embracing new ones. Exploring new smells and bringing them in and around the home was just as important as remembering the old.

The moral(s) of this story?  The least thing you like about yourself may indeed one day be the very same thing that starts your next chapter and sends you to utopia!

So, remember, embrace your scent memories past and present, because you just never know where your nose will take you!