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Fragrance My Funeral

What is the benefit of scenting a funeral home and service?

Familiar fragrances can help ease your loved ones during their mourning period and throughout their grief journey. By choosing a scent that your loved ones recognise can help to create a peaceful atmosphere and trigger positive scent memories.  This can be very beneficial at the first consultation that your loved ones will need to attend to finalise your pre-arrangements, it can also be a calming addition during chapel visits.

How does it work?

We work directly with you and your chosen funeral director.  With over stock 30 fragrances and even more in development we can help pinpoint the correct fragrance for you and your service.

What rooms / venues can be fragranced and how?


Funeral Home Consultation Rooms
(Light misting recommended - Scent Memories Room Fragrance)
Chapel Of Rest
(Scent Memories Votive & Scent Memories Room Fragrance recommended during chapel visits)
Church / Crematorium
(Medium-Large Scent Memories Candles and Scent Memories Room Fragrance, quantity depending on size of the room)
Wake / Venue
(Scent Memories Room Fragrance & Scent Memories Votives recommended on seated tables so not to overpower the table whilst eating, quantity depending on the number of tables and size of venue)


Please note: Crematoriums can be very busy, there are usually funerals taking place one after another so you may be limited to just a light fragrance misting.