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The Candle Urn Company's heart and soul is focused on helping you to explore and develop a continuing bond with your loved one using Scent Memories, so it is of no surprise that we want you to be 100% happy with your chosen fragrance.



We have created a way for you and your family each to explore your individual Scent Memory for FREE before purchasing one of our gorgeous candles.  We currently offer 25+ fragrances with more in development.  



All you need to do is select the fragrances you wish to try and "add to cart" the fragrances that you would like to try, go through the checkout process and that's it. Your fragrance sample cards will be sent to you FREE of charge. (Please note: 1 sample card per fragrance will be sent)



If there is a particular fragrance you are needing don't be disheartened if we don't have it. We are developing new Scent Memories all the time.  Simply email or call us and we can check our fragrance library and advise a potential lead time.

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