Measuring Cremated Ash

We have put together 2 quick simple ways below to work out the cubic inches of the cremated ash. All you need to decide is if you are going to Measure or Weigh the ash.

" If at any stage you need help or feeling overwhelmed whilst facing this next step please do feel free to call us! 



How To Measure The Cremated Ashes And Find The Cubic Inch Volume

Using the temporary urn box that you would have been given by the funeral directors, measure the height, width, and depth (in inches) of the ashes as they rest inside the temporary urn box within their sealed bag. Multiply those numbers together and the result will be the total volume in cubic inches.

For example, if the inside of the box measures 8" by 6", and the remains fill the box up to a height of 3.75", then you would have 180 cubic inches. (8 x 6 x 3.75 = 180)

Converting Pounds into Cubic Inches

If however you already know the weight of the ash in pounds you can use the below equation to identify the Cubic inch.

1lb body weight = 1 cubic inch urn volume

The Candle Urn - Medium = 10 cubic inch

The Candle Urn - Large     = 23 cubic inch

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